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BOOK REVIEW:- Surrounded By Idiots (by Thomas Erikson)

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Psychology fans out there, this book (and its numerous sequels) are for you! I'm also a bit of a psychology fan, and I LOVE this book because it's very relatable.

This book is about human behavior and how to use the DISC (Dominant Inspiring Supportive Cautious) model to analyze people and how they behave. The entire book is the answer to the maddening question, "Why do I seem like I'm always surrounded by idiots?"

I know I say that every book I review is good, but this one is now my ALL-TIME-FAVORITE. Honestly. It's a mild diagnostic tool that you can use to react to other people and their behaviors. Without this book, I wouldn't be able to read people and act according to their views. There are a lot of people (myself included) who just can't take a hint and just KNOW what other people's characters are, so if you need some wisdom, buy this book.

Moreover, it has the all-important concept of examples. Examples are key to understanding any new idea, and a story (in my opinion) is the best example of all. And this book is full of them. Have I mentioned that I love this book?

Anyway. Buy this book. Or else... I am surrounded by idiots.

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