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Life as a student never gets dull, and sometimes, the achievements that are awarded can overwhelm someone like yours truly. However, that can't and won't stop me from charging down the path of life!

David May Award

Awarded on Academic Year 2021 - 2022


Mr. David was, in large part, the reason that my school exists. In 2005 he and his fellow governors responded to the shortage of secondary phase school places for the DESS (Dubai English Speaking School) Year 6 children by building the College in Academic City. His determination and dream to provide a secondary school filled him with a fervor like no other, and he succeeded. Each year, this award is presented by the Principal to a student chosen from Key Stage 3 who has been deemed worthy of what is one of the highest accolades of the school. My joy for receiving this award reached no bounds, and it continues to inspire me to go above and beyond in all the endeavors that I commit myself to.

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