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A Love for Maths to Fame and Cash


KenKen: Welcome


As a kid, I was pretty good at maths. When KenKen arrived in my life, it came secretly, but little did I know that this mathematical puzzle would give me fame and cash.

In case you didn't know, KenKen is a mathematical puzzle, similar in spirit to Sudoku. Created by Tetsuya Miyamoto in 2004 as an exercise to teach his math students. Little did he know that this puzzle would slowly take the world by storm. 

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KenKen: Welcome

I remember the day when my teacher distributed a pamphlet to us. It smelled funny, but then again, for me, all new things smelled funny.

In the pamphlet, there was some weird puzzle. I used to solve Sudoku at that time from the local newspaper, and I wasn't really good at it.

But then, I looked carefully and saw that there were some miniscule differences. I decided to read the rules and give it a try. I took an instant liking to it.

KenKen: About

It was just like Sudoku, but it imposed stricter rules and regulations. I was all for some more difficulty, and I found it in KenKen. I entered the championship for KenKen, and was amazed by the competition. There were only 7 people who managed to pass through to the international rounds.

The first time, I came 3rd place nationally. The next time, I came 1st place nationally and 7th place internationally. The third time, I came 1st internationally under 10. And finally, the fourth time, I became the world champion of KenKen under 18, for 2019. Currently, I am the UAE National Winner for 2020.

I've also become the world champion of KenKen for a second time in 2022, allowing me to regain my title.

KenKen: About

My name is listed on Wikipedia, under the site about KenKen. Also, I have written a e-book about my KenKen Journey.  Feel free to download from the below link.

KenKen: About

Abu Dhabi Golden Visa

In 2023, I was awarded the Abu Dhabi Golden Visa for my efforts in KenKen. This award recognizes my hard work and dedication to mastering the puzzle, and serves as a reminder of what I am capable of achieving. It is a great honor to receive this prestigious award, and I am extremely proud of my accomplishment.

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