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BOOK REVIEW:- I Can't Make This Up (Kevin Hart)

I'll be honest: I should have reviewed this much earlier. To be honest, it was the first autobiography that I bought, and I bought it when I was at the airport and was bored.

Also, I didn't know who Kevin Hart was. Look, I don't follow comedy and I don't watch many films, so I never heard of him.

That said, his autobiography was a pleasant change from what I normally read. I crave a good story, not just a book filled with facts, concepts, and other things. I love stories. And this book is a giant story that spans the entire life of one man.

And I loved it.

Being a comedian, Kevin Hart's book has to be extremely funny, and even though some of the events in this book are quite dark and certainly not fun, he always puts a positive spin to it, so I can't help but laugh after each chapter.

As some of you may know, I don't really follow books that aren't philosophical or otherwise. And when I picked up this book, I expected to find a self-help book like all the others. If I never saw this book, I may have never gotten into autobiographies.

Because this was the first biography that I ever read. Kevin's hysterical outlook on life made sure that it wouldn't be my last.

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