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BOOK REVIEW - Read The Face (by Eric Standop)

Have you ever felt stuck with your relationships in life? Have you ever felt like everyone is just hiding behind a mask and that you can't gleam anything about them from their face? Do you feel like you're not the best at face-reading?

I know that this sounds like clickbait from hell, but bear with me. Face reading sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie: something that's cool and relatively pointless. After all, what's the point of it?

Well, everything. Face reading is an art, a way of finding emotions and even health problems just by looking at someone's face. And finally, we get to the premise of this book.

Read The Face is a book about (conveniently) face reading, explaining Standop's journey through face reading, sharing insightful stories, and even teaching you how to identify face shapes and marking features.

Apart from the crazy usefulness that this book can offer, the style and the words offered are just amazing. It's easy to write a book about something useful, but writing a book that hooks readers in to something that they may be initially skeptical about? That's a skill only a few people have, and Standop has it too.

So... yeah. No other words. Buy the book.

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