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BOOK REVIEW:- Let Me Hijack Your Mind (Alyque Padamsee with Vandana Saxena Poria)

Despite the title, let me give you a disclaimer: THIS IS NOT A SELF-HELP BOOK!

That was the impression that I got when I bought this book. Hacking of minds? Sounds like meditation.

And oh boy was I wrong.

This book is about getting over traditions in the past and moving forward with new thinking. Now, that does sound a lot like self-help, and it kind of is, except it's written for a whole country. India.

Let's face it. India is still very rooted in the past. Child marriages still exist despite multiple laws against them, men are very willing to give their relatives jobs and even cruder practices are emerging, like Sati, which means that when a husband dies, the widow must end her life as well.

I know. It sounds very morbid, but that's exactly what it is. To take a quote from the book: "India is a First People nation with a Third World government," Imagine!

Even though I'm biased toward any book that involves the advancement of India in any way, I like this book because its methods of thinking can be used in multiple scenarios, even worldwide.

So, parroting the message from the book, don't stand for traditions. For the world to move forward, we need to ditch them. And fast.

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