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BOOK REVIEW: I will Teach You to be Rich (Ramit Sethi)

Again, it's pretty hard to write a book review about this book, considering the title telling you all you need to know. But I'll try my best. Short story, it's a finance book (OMG, I never realized that), but it's waaaaaaaaaaaay more fun to read. Heck, I could expect an 8-year old to read it and understand - RAMIT SETHI IS A GOD.

I mean, a finance book is usually just "economies are crashing" or there are some complex terms that you have to spend 10 hours of you life googling, and even then, you probably won't understand. None of that here. Sethi has started from the absolute minimum, explaining every single detail, and building a strategy to live the perfect financial life. No exaggeration here, just pure truth.

I like Sethi. I mean, I always say that for every author, but Sethi is different. Like Sautoy (see my other reviews), Sethi explains everything. It doesn't matter what it is, whether starting your own investing account or choosing a bank, this guy elaborates. When you see a person like that, woe betide you if you don't listen. That person will know their stuff. And like Sautoy, he inserts stories and light headed humour.

So, to end, amazing book, even an 8-year old will understand, Sethi is a great guy and he will guarantee that you understand everything. He's even gone out of the way to make a website about this book here:

So, make sure you buy it. No drama, no "Guaranteed to make you 10,000 more $$$ in income", no nothing. Just buy the book. You won't regret it.

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