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BOOK REVIEW - Landslide (by Michael Wolff)

Yay - now we're shifting to politics. Specifically Trump's last days. After winning this book at a MUN conference, I finally got the chance to read it, and it was quite good. I might get into political books because of this.

This book is the 3rd book in Wolff's series about Trump's presidency, and as I have already mentioned, it is about the final days of Trump's presidency. Without reading this book, I didn't quite know much about Trump - just that he was a madman who put millions of lives at risk for his gains. After reading this book, I still think that, but it goes to show that there's much more than what the media portrays.

Imagine being a person who believes that something they had was robbed from them. Not a very good feeling is it? Of course, magnified by the idiocy of the people who are working to get that thing back, Trump gained new levels of stubbornness and blindness.

Imagine Trump sitting behind his desk, surrounded by sycophants and schemers who give him the facts that he wants to hear, and when the election blows the fan, they just fade into the background.

Wolff's style of writing formally but still showing a humorous side hooks the reader in. While you may not agree with the content, the storytelling aspect is hard to ignore. So, buy this book.

Really. Unless you're chicken.

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